Who we are

Superior Hardwood Flooring Distributors 

We here at Superior Hardwood Flooring Distributors are committed to providing the best products for the best prices in town. We service hardwood flooring contractors and the retail customer. With over a combined 30 years experience in the hardwood flooring industry, we have the know how to take care of even the most discerning customer or hardwood flooring contractor.

Why Pay Retail Price When You Can Buy Direct From the Distributor?

We are a hardwood flooring distributor and not a retail store. Retail stores will buy their products from distributors as this is how the manufacturers have set up the distribution channels. We, being a disbributor, have cut out the retail end of the channel and can provide hardwood flooring directly to the consumer at wholesale pricing. This is how you can purchase high quality hardwood flooring products for a lower price!

Hardwood Flooring and Supplies Distributor.

We sell prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring, abrasives, high quality finishes, stains and hardwood flooring tools. Any sundry item you may need to install or repair your own hardwood flooring.

For the Retail Hardwood Flooring Customer:

We offer some of the very best brands of prefinished hardwood flooring available. High quality milling and finishes seperate our hardwood products from the competition. Our three high quality, prefinished hardwood flooring lines include: Superior Hardwood Flooring, Hallmark Hardwood Flooring and Maine Traditions. These are very high quality hardwoods and we offer them at wholesale pricing. We have varying board widths from the traditional 2 1/4" wide strip planking to the very popular wider width planks that can exceed 8" wide. Along with a wide selection of hardwood flooring board widths we also carry a wide range of stain colors. Our new prefinished hardwood flooring styles come in different board widths, stain colors and wear layer finishes.

For Hardwood Flooring Contractors:

We carry all of the hardwood flooring supplies that you may need to install your jobs. What separates us from our competition is we offer free delivery on sundries within a 5 mile radius. Our customer service is top notch. We know that sometimes emergencies will arise on a job and you find yourself needing supplies to finish the job but it's after hours or on a weekend. What do you do? Superior Hardwood Flooring will provide our contractors with our cell phone numbers so that they can get in contact with us. If possible and available, we will meet you at the shop and open it up for you to get the supplies you need to finish your hardwood flooring job. Now, what other hardwood flooring company will do that? We also carry the most durable water based finishes from Arboritec, Loba finish, Pallmann finish, and Masterline finish. 

Available Weekends By Appointment!

We here at Superior Hardwood Flooring Distributors know that you live a busy and sometimes hectic life so we offer weekend appointments in our showroom to customers